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Are there operators with back-up power?

Yes, there are garage door operators with back-up power supply. These garage door openers have a built-in battery that can work the garage door through a few cycles when the power is out. This is a convenient feature for places that experience power outages regularly.

Is it possible to reprogram the garage door remote?

Yes. According to our specialists in garage door repair Grayslake this is actually advised especially if you have lost an old garage door remote. If your system does not have the rolling code technology that changes the code with every use, it is good to manually reprogram the remote once in a while.

Can I replace the rollers by myself?

It's not easy to replace garage door rollers. If you're a good handyman, you might be able to replace the top and center rollers, which are connected with hinges. Though, it's prudent to avoid the replacement of the bottom rollers because the bottom bracket is also connected to the spring system and you might get hurt.

How much will lubrication help?

Lubrication maintenance is an excellent solution for noisy garage doors. It helps garage door parts to move smoothly instead of rubbing one against the other. The lubricants protect their material and save you from hearing noise. Though, it's good to wipe the tracks from the collected dirt that has been mixed with old lubricants before lubricating them.

Can you tell when a torsion spring will break?

No, it is not possible to tell exactly when a spring of this type will break. This is because it doesn’t show any physical signs of weakening or wearing. You can try to make a prediction based on the component’s estimated cycle life, but you cannot be 100% certain.

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